A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection most often caused by bacteria that affects any part of the urinary system, including the bladder, urethra, ureters or kidneys.

UTIs are classified as upper UTIs (Kidney infections) or lower UTIs (bladder infections).

They are the most frequent bacterial infection in women and occur most frequently between the ages of 16 and 35 years.


  • Frequent urination and urge to urinate
  • Feeling pain or burning while urinating
  • Cloudy, dark, bloody, or foul smelling urine
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever and chills
  • Pain in the back or side below the ribs (Kidney pain)
  • Rectal Pain (Men)
  • Pelvic Pain (Women)


In 80-85% of cases, E. coli bacteria are the cause of urinary tract infections, usually when bacteria from the rectum come in contact with the urethra.

Factors that increase the risk of acquiring UTI include:

  • Sexual Activity
  • Having Female Anatomy
  • Urinary Catheters
  • Being Uncircumcised
  • Family history for bladder Infections
  • Diabetes


In straightforward cases, a doctor can make a diagnosis based on the symptoms without additional testing.

In more questionable cases, your doctor will often take a sample of your urine, testing for white blood cells,

bacteria, or a variety of other signs.


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You may be able to cure an early UTI if you act quickly when you first notice symptoms, such as burning when urinating.

Home treatment of a UTI may include consuming the following:

  • Lots of Water
  • Vitamin C
  • Pineapple
  • Blueberries
  • Cranberry Juice or Tablets


To prevent UTIs from occuring or reoccuring, practice the following:

  • Drink when you are thirsty
  • Urinate as soon as you feel the urge. Don’t hold it.
  • Urinate immediately before and after sex
  • Keep areas near your urethra clean and dry
  • Utilize latex condoms during sex.

UTI can lead to severe complications such as kidney damage, bleeding and even death. Early treatment is advisable.

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