Effect of drinking bitter leaf juice

Health benefits of bitter leaf Bitter leaf is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Due to the presence of nutrients especially ß-carotene, it controls the synthesis of female gender hormones.

This allows women to stay young and healthy for a longer duration of time.

The wood ash of Bitter leaf can be used to treat fungal infections.

It improves appetite.

It is helpful in treating skin infections such as Ringworm.

It increases the milk production in Lactating mothers.

It cures a cough. It helps in treating itching and rashes.

It detoxifies the whole body.

It is helpful in treating Hepatitis B.

It tones ups the liver and the kidney.

It provides instant relief from fatigue.

It cures intestinal parasitic infections.

It can be used for the contraction of the uterus during labour.

It is a potent herb for STD.

It cures a toothache.

It is used in pharmaceutic medicines as anti-helminths, laxative and as fertility inducers for barren women.

It helps to build up the immune system.

It is a useful herb for treating the problem of Memory Loss.

It is helpful in curing Insomnia.

Bitter Leaf is an excellent herbal treatment for combating Cancer.

It does not allow cancer to spread to the different organs of the body.

It is an effective cure for stomach ache and indigestion.

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