2 Comments on “How to use tea and lemon to cure severe headache:”

  1. Good morning please I’m rosemond from Takoradi please I was having issue with white someone recommended your medicine for me I’ve used it once but still has not yield me their results that I want because I still have pains during sex and also some itchiness is there anything that I should add please help me thank you

    1. My dear, it means that your problem (pain during sex and itching) has been in your system for long and need time to cure. Buy 12 bottle of sibiwomen capsules, take two capsules in the morning and two in the evening, all after meals continuously for 12 weeks. Herbal medicine take time to heal and because your problem has been long, it need time to cure it. Sibiwomen capsules, very effective. If any any information , you can call us on 0247111671 / 0240952027

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