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SIBI MEN Capsule  is a combination of precious herbs which are widely recognized for their contribution to men’s health. It naturally controls Waist pain, all weakness, Enhancement of urine flow, Gonorrhea, Diabetes, sexual disorder. It effectively boosts urine flow in men system. Its also extend stamina, strengthen ejaculation, intensify orgasms & help in re-growth of organ in men.
A Real herbal extracted medication for men with poor urine flow and serious waists pain.

Key Features
  • Count: 30 Capsules
  • Treats all impotency causes effectively
  • Re-vitalizes semen volume and sperm reproduction
  • Strengthen your reproductive system
  • Harden & prolong your erections
  • Enhancing urine flow
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53 reviews for SIBI MEN CAPSULES – 30 Capsules

  1. Achea Ebenezer

    Pls how long should someone take sibi men capsules for effective relieve of the infections stated above

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Take continuously for 12 weeks \

  2. Nii

    Aside the urinal solution it provides, can it boost a males stamina because today as a married man, l cant have sex for more than 1 minutes. I just bought the medicine and thats why am asking.

  3. Kweku Appiah

    Please does it eliminate premature ejaculation. Because immediately I penetrate my sperms come out with a tough speed and I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

    • Suzzy Herbal

      My brother, this is your last stop. Yes it does

  4. Pablo Reginald

    Can sibi men enhance large penis or increase it

  5. SAMUEL B Donkoh


  6. Joe joe

    Do sibi men have any side effects?

  7. Edward Affoh

    Please how many times will I need to use the Sibi men to solve my premature ejaculation?

  8. Edem

    What are some of the side effects of Sibi Men Capsules?


    How long should I take sibi men capsules for effective cure

  10. Basit Arimiyao

    Can sibi men treat prostrate enlargement

  11. bonsu

    please i ejaculate under one minute , will the product help me and how long should i use it so that this problem ends

  12. Dela michael Ackumey

    Dose SIBI man treat postrat cancer

  13. Mohammad

    Good, can sibi capsules cure prostate in men ,I can urinate 6 times before day brake ,help me

  14. James Anderson

    Can this medicine help with prostate problems?

  15. Adams

    Please i recently bought sibi mens capsules
    And i want to ask if it can cure frequent urinating

  16. AB Franz

    Please can it cure pains in the penis

  17. Kobby

    Very good. I started taking the pills and within 1week I saw improvement. I used to urinate every 30mins and I didn’t last longer in bed but since I got sibi men capsules I’m very healthy and strong in bed. Thank you Suzy herbal center.

  18. Agyekum

    Please can sibi men capsules cure syphilis?

  19. Nana Yaw

    Please am facing premature ejaculation hope it can solve my problem for me

  20. St. Michelangelo

    My penis was a pulled but have had some treatment before. Can sibi men help stop the urine pair and easy flow? Plus revive the shrinkage?

  21. Bra Chalz

    Very good ? indeed ..Used urinate often frequently and anyhow ..was worried dou for sometime but since I started taking this drug , Glory be to God …Good results .its good now ..I thank God fir this product

  22. bra chalz

    But I want to know for how long should I take it for total elimination of symptoms

  23. Nick Arthur

    pls can SiBi capsules heal kidney disorder? Urgent answer please

  24. peter

    Please where do I get some to buy I’m in kumasi

  25. Pablo

    I lent sibi men cap can be taken with a glass of milk is it true,bcos i want to try it

  26. Kobby

    Please I want to know if sibi men capsule is out of stock… And if it’s not where can I buy one checked jumia online but it’s out of stock. Can I get a direction to where I can get one in Kasoa

  27. Mr. Dwomoh Yeboah

    After taking the medicine for 5 days, I haven’t seen any improvement yet. I’m still doubting the effectiveness of the drug.

  28. Mohammed

    How long will Sibi Man cure my frequent urination problem?

  29. Isaac

    Pls am having itchy inside my penis can it heal it..

  30. Frank

    Does it cures prostate cancer

  31. Jack

    Does it cure premature ejaculation (erectile dysfunction)?
    If yes, how long should one take it to cure erectile dysfunction.

  32. Charles

    Please can I know if I can still take sibi men’s cupped whiles taking other prostate medicine because I need urgent cure I can urinate about 15 times before night please let me know what to do

  33. Nana Kwame

    Can Sibi Men Capsules solve the recent pains I have in my penis?

  34. Mart

    Am in accra and i need one to buy

  35. Rhans

    Sibi capsules are they made in Ghana from Ghanaian plants. And SIBI MEN heal diabetes patient completely?

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes they are made right here in Ghana.

  36. Nii

    I want to know if it cures the situation permanently or must taken lifetime? In April I asked a question here but it has not answered.

  37. Francis koka

    please I have Gonorrah how many month will take to be treated

  38. Solomon

    Does it treat prostate disorders ?

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes Please

  39. ideas

    please, the company should be active in responding to customers or consumers comments or messages. thanks

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Thank You very much for your concern. we will do exactly what you have suggested. Keep following us.

  40. Bernard

    How long should i take sibi men capsule before seing changes .
    2. U feel weak when i take it in the evening especially whrn i wake up .

  41. kOSA

    Please can sibi men cap cure prostate enlargement..??

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes please

  42. Andrew

    Do I have to take SIBI MAN capsules every day to help my erection even without sex?.
    And what is the side effects of it, is it a kidney friendly.

  43. Kwame Mine

    I mostly do not wake up with ejaculations from my sleep but I erect normally during the day and can also have sex on a normal duration but I don’t have morning ejaculations often ? What is the problem ?

  44. Junior

    I urinate frequently n feel som little pain in my abdomen .can sibi cure it permanently

  45. Piesie Jerubbaal

    I just bought SIBI men capsules
    So how long can I see changes in the body after I start to take in the capsules

  46. Fred

    Does it cure piles

  47. Daniel

    I’m suffering from premature ejaculation and I want to know if SIBI MEN CAPSULE is my cure….?

  48. Tony

    Can I take without warm milk as in take it with water

  49. Kay blaze

    Please how long will it take to cure my gonorrhea

  50. Dee

    Please does it treat frequent urine and burning sensation when peeing? If yes for long should I treat it? thank you.

  51. Dee

    **for how long

  52. Matthew

    A lady friend of mine used your product ((sibi women capsule) and confirmed that it’s very good. I’ve just started using ;the men one to see the effect

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Ok. Keep using

      Thanks for the feedback

  53. Prince Kanor

    Greetings….. i’m new into this herbal business and trying to bring our herbal solutions to the white man in his country. I think it will vê helpful if you will list down exactly what the real indications of SIBI MEN are and what exagerater are saying. Looking forward to your response. Thanks

    • Suzzy Herbal

      OK. thanks for the feedback

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