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SIBI WOMEN Capsule  is a combination of precious herbs which are widely recognized for their contribution to men’s health. It naturally controls Waist pain, all weakness, Menstrual disorder, Gonorrhea, Diabetes, sexual disorder.
A Real herbal extracted medication for women with menstrual disorder and serious waists pain.

Key Features
  • Count: 30 Capsules
  • Treats all impotency causes effectively
  • Strengthen your reproductive system
  • Enhancing urine flow
  • Treatment of waist pain
  • Treatment of menstrual disorder

37 reviews for SIBI WOMEN CAPSULES – 30 Capsules

  1. Kofi

    I think Sibi is the most powerful waist pain drug ever used so far!!!

    Sibi is the greatest among all!

  2. Esther

    Very powerful drug

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Thank you
      keep taking it for your good healthy living

  3. Ina

    Can sibi women’s capsule be taken while menstruating?

    • Suzzy Herbal

      you can take at any condition except pregnant and breastfeeding

  4. Cyndynel

    Does sibi women capsule tighten the vagina?

  5. Angel

    Is it safe to be taken every day for a long period of time?

  6. Rita

    How many bottles do I need to totally cure menstrual pains please

  7. Abena

    Pls the feelings I have for a guy is no more and can sibi women solve me that problem…

  8. Gertrude

    please why is it not good to take it while pregnant



  10. Emmanuel Kesse

    Can it be used to treat Fibroid and enlarge prostate ?

  11. Fiifi

    Can it be used to treat Fibroid and enlarge prostate ?

  12. Christiana

    Can sibi woman cure white

  13. Evelyn Koomson

    Does sibi women capsules treat candidiasis

  14. Yaa

    Pls when you take it
    Are the after effects like stomach upsets

  15. Akosua Amoatemaa

    Can sibi women capsules help cure frequent urination and the feeling that the bladder is always full?

  16. Ofori moses

    My woman has not had her menstruation for about 4 months now, can this help her?

  17. Moses

    My woman is not having her menstruation for the past 4 months now, can it help her?

  18. PORTIA

    for the past three months i have been having my mens every two weeks. can sibi women solve it?

  19. Audrey

    Sibi is the best drug for menstrual pains I can personally testify to this

  20. Akos

    Can sibi women’s capsules cure gonorrhoea? ?

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes Please

  21. Akosuah

    Pls can sibi women be use for the treatment of white

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes Please

  22. Akosuah

    Pls can sibi women be use for the treatment of candi

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes Please

  23. Hagar

    Please I took sibi without knowing am pregnant can my baby have a birth defect

  24. sara

    am suffering from white. how many bottles to treat it

  25. Amos

    Am yet to use it but can men use it too….?
    And can it stop urinal pains….?

    • Suzzy Herbal

      We have one for men too so when you are ordering please ask for the SIBI MEN CAPSULES. Secondly, it can cure all urinal infections

  26. Barbi

    Please can the women capsules cure candidiasis

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes Please

  27. Maame Kay

    Can you take sibi women when you have fibroid?

  28. Margaret

    Please is it good for yest infection

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes please

  29. Botah akua Aninwaah

    Does sibi tightens the vagina??

  30. Maya

    Please can Sibi Women Capsules cure Candidiasis?? How many bottles do I need please

  31. Akua Aninwaah

    Does sibi women’s capsules increase your libido and does it thighens the vagina

  32. Nana Adwoa

    How many bottle do i need to take to cure the candidiasis

  33. Aisha

    My felling for a guy is very bad it keep long to come can sibi help me

  34. Owusu Philip

    My wife feels pain wen having sex, can sibi women capsules rectify it

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes please

  35. Adjoa

    Please can you still take sibi women capsules and take blood tonic ask well

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes please
      For Enquires, Call or WhatsApp 0247111671 OR 0240952027

  36. Adwoa Asuramaa

    Please am having vagina discharge for years can sibi herbal cure my problem

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Yes please
      Buy 12 bottles, take 2 capsules and 2 in the evening after taken your meal.
      For Inquires, Please Call or WhatsApp 0247111671 OR 0240952027

  37. Akua

    Please where can I get one to buy. I’m in kumasi

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Please go to any near-by pharmacy/chemical shop.
      For enquiries Call OR WhatsApp +233247111671 +233240952027

    • Suzzy Herbal

      Check the pharmacies, drug or herbal shops around but if you don’t get call 0209829070

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